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1. 1994   Sport of Tycoons (Ltd 100)
2. 1995   Sheriff of Bullet Valley (Ltd 200)
3. 1995   McDuck of Duckburg (Ltd 50)
4. 1995   Through the Mirror (Ltd 200)
5. 1996   Self Control (Ltd 150)
6. 1997   Hands off my Playthings - retail $1,950 ()
7.   Tantrum on the way
8. 1998   Who's out there? (Ltd 131)

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Carl Barks - Donald Duck "Self Control" Bronze Figurine, Limited Edition # 18 /150 (Walt Disney, 1996). Tantrum-throwing Donald Duck is at his most natural state in this beautiful bronze figurine, produced and issued for the 1996 Disney World Disneyana Convention. Designed by Carl Barks and sculpted by Bruce Lau, this piece is named after the Disney animated short "Self Control". It's the 1940s Donald we see here, complete with longer beak, slipping on a rug, and knocking over a vase that can be seen in various comic book stories from the forties as drawn by Barks. Standing approximately 9" tall and 11" wide, the figurine is in Excellent condition. With a production limited to only 150 pieces (all of which were sold in one day at $1,800 each), this wonderful item is incredibly tough to find. A certificate of authenticity is included. Here's your chance to own one!